The different steps of our action:

1. Audit appointment
Collecting of various information and meeting with different contacts on site in order to avoid any waste of time to your employees. 2. Analysis of your data
Identification of optimization areas and possibly positions at risk, research of the most appropriate technical and legal solutions, detection of potential funding sources.

3. Recommendations
Presentation of the detailed report of your situation, highlighting the levers and the potential recommendations to reduce your costs.

4. Supporting
E³ Consulting ensures the implementation of the recommendations selected by

  • The recovery and the analysis of numerical data
  • The establishment of refund claims with the authorities and the appropriate instances until getting credit advices
  • The development of specifications with wholesalers and/or suppliers
  • Project Manager and coordinates the mission until the implementation
  • Supporting your company up to the practical implementation of savings and/or projects
  • The transmission of our know-how to your teams for sustainable economies

5. Savings
Valorization of your savings and cash winnings for the past, the present and the future. We provide a control of the correct application of the recommendations up to the full completion of services and the cashing of savings.