Waste Reduction

A better design of the products for a waste recovery : towards a Circular Economy !

What is the waste reduction?

The Waste reduction strategy is part of the sustainable development policy of the companies. But this often induced and sometimes initiated approach is insufficiently updated and optimized.

Similarly, the eco-design of products and services is now a known process by the industrialists but often poorly implemented. The environmental issues involve breakthrough innovation. They challenge the current business models: now any company has to integrate the Sustainable Development to reduce the environmental impacts generated by its activities and to integrate the reduction, the reuse and the recycling in its process design of its products and services. The principle of the packaging reduction and the eco-design of products are enshrined in the European framework Waste Directive n° 94/62/CE of the 12/20/94 which sets out the essential requirements.

Diagramme Économie linéaire et circulaire

Thus, alongside the Extended Producer Responsibility outcomes from the Grenelle de l’Environnement I & II laws and updated in the AGEC Law, it results waste reduction or prevention at the source obligations, the reuse, the recovery and the recycling of products or materials.

In a Circular Economy approach, E³ CONSEIL proposes to assist you in initiating, developing and perpetuating this strategy for your company and consequently ensures:

  • The compliance with the regulations
  • Some costs reduction
  • The competitive advantage and the improving of the eco-friendly image of your company..

Our solutions in waste reduction

Audits – Studies – Diagnostics and support to the implementation

According to the principles of the Circular Economy, the skills field in audit and engineering of E3 Conseil covers the whole of waste sector, from the regulation to the solutions development for the prevention (reduction at the source, eco-design, and specific waste sectors such as EPR or voluntary) and waste management for companies.

Prévention et gestion des déchets Schéma illustrant le cycle de vie d'un produit - prévention + gestion déchets - (source : Ademe)

Based on its own diagnostic method, widely tested, combining market research, “field” surveys and specific tools for which the firm is ADEME certified (LCA, Carbon footprints®, eco-design), we help you to initiate a sustainable and circular strategy for your company, in accordance with national and international standards (ISO 14040/14044 and 26000).

As a specialist in project management about the environmental issues and especially about waste, our specialized consultants – engineers and legal experts – support you before, during and after the implementation of your projects, to assist you in achieving savings by controlling the environmental impacts of your activities while ensuring optimal technical and regulatory conditions.

Examples of services:

  • Waste diagnostics : inventory, mapping, cost, action plan ...

  • Waste management: compliance studies, preventive actions, materials recyclability, collecting and recycling system optimization...

  • Waste sectors support, treatment/recovery: field studies, technical and regulatory feasibility analyzes, compared environmental and economic balance sheet, specifications

  • The support of the couple product/packaging eco-design : diagnostic, analysis and action plan.

Because for us and our customers, sustainable development is synonymous with sustainable savings, we strive to implement effective actions in this field: eco-friendly and profitable projects.

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