Studies, optimizes and secures your eco-contributions

What are the eco-contributions?

The eco-contribution also called eco-participation is the annual financial compensation paid by a company (producer, distributor, or importer) to a certified eco-organization (ex. CITEO, EcoSystem...) for the management of the disposal of waste generated by its activities pursuant to an Extended Producer Responsibility sector (EPR). Every year, the Producers have to complete and submit their declarations to eco-organizations for each type of waste concerned (packaging, electrical and electronic equipments, graphic papers, furniture, used textile ...). The amount of the eco-contributions is generally added to the selling price of the product and sometimes appears visibly (e.g.: WEEE or furniture eco-participations). The principle of the “Extended Producer Responsibility” (EPR) comes from the European principle of "polluter pays" transposed in France in 1992 with the creation of the household packaging waste sector and the first eco-organization: Eco-Emballages (today CITEO).

Qu’appelle-t-on les Eco-contributions

The main national EPR sector

Nowadays, there are more than 20 EPR sectors originating from a European or a French regulations or called “volunteers” devices, funded by eco-contributions for different types of waste.

Main EPR sector Houseold packaging
Electrical and electronic equipments waste
Used lamps
Graphic papers waste
Textile, household linen and shoes
Batteries and accumulators
Collecting eco-organism Eco-Emballages
Recylum Eco-folio Eco-TLC Corepile
Logo of the eco-organism ECO-EMBALLAGES Adelphe Eco-systèmes ecologic recylum eco-folio ECOTLC Corepile
Main EPR sector Household furniture equipments waste (FEW)
Professional furniture equipments waste (FEW)
Specific diffuse and chemicals waste
Unused medicine (UM)
Infectious healthcare activity waste (IHAW)
Collecting eco-organism Ecomobilier Valedlia EcoDDS Cyclamed Dastri
Logo of the eco-organism Ecomobilier Valedlia ECODDS Cyclamed Dastri

Why do you optimize your eco-contributions?

The proliferation of Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) devices , the complexity of systems as well as the increasing financial weight of contributions, make it necessary the perfect control of these costs in your company to ensure the good performance of your products on the market and the costs equity.

Every company is generally concerned by several EPR devices according to its activity (Producer and/or Distributor, Distributor and/or Importer) and the type of product marketed. A producer will generally be concerned with 3 or 4 separate contributions and for a Distributor up to 14! "A real gasworks" some will say.

Thus, the same company will have to establish several complex eco-declarations, transverse and sometimes lacking of consistency, which makes it difficult a perfect understanding of the methodology for your teams – little or no training about these issues – and they lack of time to ensure the checking of the information multiplicity requested to your company.

And if your company doesn’t fulfill on time or forgets some information in their eco-declarations, it is exposed to financial penalties.

In 2013, more than 1,3 billion Euros were paid to eco-organisms by companies in respect of their EPR for the products intended to households or professionals. However, the process can be simplified and these costs can be optimized and reduced.

E3 CONSEIL optimizes your eco-contributions for the present, the future and the pasts.

As a specialist in waste EPR sectors devices in France and in Europe, we study and optimize all your eco-declarations in accordance with your Producer obligations conforming to the regulation to benefit from efficient operational processes and to achieve up to 30% of savings on their amount.

Our interventions help your teams to have a better understanding of the EPR issues and to control all the eco-declarative settings for your contributions.

Reduce and secure your eco-declarations

We work on all the contributions and eco-participations from EPR sectors to significantly reduce their costs and lighten the administrative burden..

The operational audit of your eco-contributions:

This audit will enable you to benefit from significant and sustainable savings on these costs out of your "core business".

  • Depth study of all your settings and eco-contributory area
  • Overall verification of the declarative procedures
  • Analysis laboratory & products and/or packaging weighing
  • Identification and calculation of optimization levers
  • Corrective optimized statements and cash recovery from the past
  • Transfer of our know how to your teams

Because E3 Conseil is the only firm involving on each file of experts’ éco-consultants of the regulation and the engineering, with us, safely reduce your eco-contributions.

The outsourcing of your eco-declarations:

Because the management of these eco-contributions is a waste of time and isn’t in your core business, give us any or all of the eco-declarations management to ensure statements conforming to the regulations and contributions in accordance with your "Extended Producer Responsibility" obligations.

Declarative assistance missions according to your requests:

As specialists, our legal experts and engineers consultants will support you in all your technical or legal issues related with your eco-declarations:

  • Eco-organizations control assistance (e.g.: CITEO or EcoSystem control of declarative bases)
  • Annual review of your eco-declarations
  • Constitution or correction of declarative database
  • Control of reported weights through our weighed laboratory and our legal metrology certified hardware
  • Specific legal and regulatory monitoring

In addition to financial savings, our interventions about the eco-contributions will provide you:

  • A detailed balance sheet of your situation and your obligations.
  • The consolidation of your declarative bases.
  • A declarative and technical personalized support by legal experts about eco-contributions, tax specialists and engineers.
  • The transfer of our know how to your teams.
  • The insurance of an EPR conforming to your obligations.

Dear Producers and Distributors, the last 15 expertise years of our specialized consultants will always make the difference to provide you reliable and relevant answers in response to the eco-organisms.

Do you need our services/ Don’t hesitate to contact us !